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December 6 Jinxiang Garlic and Pepper Market (Market Official)

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Cold storage garlic market:

Yesterday's rain has a great impact on today's weather. The external temperature is mostly below zero. In the morning, there were less than 100 people in the market broker service center, but the trading atmosphere was slightly strong. The demand for packaging increased. The processing of packaging in the market was basically non-stop, and the turnover was significantly larger than before. Quick market, but this "fast" is mostly around the source of packaging, other varieties of goods are still in small demand, the store price is more insistent, the bottom line of the sale is also above the cost, the loss of sales is less, the mentality of watching and cherishing sales is relatively strong.

Generally speaking, today it is generally believed that "fast track", but from the transaction price point of view, it really does not change much. "Buyers do not recognize the price, buyers do not allow money", the price basically follows.

Garlic price:

Cold storage garlic

Grade 3: 0.76-0.92

Garlic rice (domestic) 0.88-1.0

Garlic Rice (Abroad) 0.98-1.1

General mixing grade 1.14-1.2

Medium Mixed Grade 1.2-1.26

Big Mixer Grade 1.35-1.45

4.5 Metric Grading Garlic 1.1-1.2

5-metric garlic 1.28-1.38

5.5 Public Grading Garlic 1.5-1.62

6-metric garlic 1.8-2.05

Unit (yuan/jin)

Garlic chip price:

Garlic slices market is also weak, the supply is more abundant, the situation of oversupply has not yet eased. The demand price has been loosened, the willingness to sell goods along with them has increased, and the overall price has not changed much. The price of new garlic chips is mostly 745, and the demand is still quite large. Now the price of good tablets is maintained at 7800-8300 yuan per ton and garlic chips 6800-7300 yuan per ton.

Chili market:

Influenced by the weather, chili peppers on the market today are in general, the market is basically stable, the merchants sell goods insist on asking prices, reacting to the difficulty of receiving goods, people ask for high prices, "no money" is more common. Purchase is slightly reduced, mostly on demand, and the market is not moving fast. Prices have not changed much. Currency prices are mostly around seven yuan and a dime.

Three cherry pepper

Variety Price Remarks

Quality pepper 7.5-7.6

Upper currency 7.3-7.4

Currency 6.9-7.2

Erhua 3.2-3.8

A slightly better peel 2.0-2.8

Unit: Yuan/jin

Garlic Information Source: Song Zongtian, Director of Market Data Center, 13854707700

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