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How about garlic market in 2019? Will there be "garlic you ruthless"? After reading it, I can count it.

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What I want to share with you today is: How about garlic market in 2019? Will there be "garlic you ruthless"? After reading it, I can count it.

How about garlic market in 2019? Will there be "garlic you ruthless"? After reading it, I can count it.

This year's garlic experienced last year's "garlic you miserable", due to the large area of unsalable garlic, prices have also fallen to a low, creating a new low in the past decade. Therefore, the garlic market this year may still be not optimistic, perhaps still in the warming period of garlic prices, as to whether there will be "garlic you ruthless" later this year, I feel that this year's hope will be slightly dim. So, what about garlic in 2019? Will there be "garlic you ruthless"? Let's have a look today.

First of all, many people have mentioned that the price of garlic in supermarkets is amazingly expensive, generally at 7 or 8 yuan per kilogram, and the price of good varieties, such as single garlic, even reaches 11 yuan per kilogram. Such a price reminds us of the popular phrase "garlic you ruthless", is "garlic you ruthless" coming back this year? Xiaobian believes that although the price of garlic on the market is relatively high, this year the probability of "garlic you ruthless" is relatively small.

Secondly, the new garlic is mainly marketed in the southern non-garlic main producing areas. At present, the products on the market of new garlic are basically products from southern Yunnan and other regions. The Main garlic producing areas in the north have not yet started to go on the market. By the middle of next month, garlic in the north will be on the market in large quantities. There is no shortage of garlic in the market. At that time, the price of garlic will probably come back. Moreover, many people began to hoard garlic last year, and the stock is almost full. It will take some time to consume the old garlic last year this year, and the market supply is relatively abundant.

Finally, the price of garlic has fallen only in the period of a large number of listings. The overall price of garlic will rise this year. As long as the cold storage purchasers start to buy a large number of garlic, the market has breathing space, the price of garlic will rebound, so this year's garlic market is still good, but as for the phenomenon of "calculating you ruthlessly", it is unlikely to happen. After all, today's garlic market will rebound. Year belongs to the year of high yield, not like the previous situation of "garlic is hard to find", garlic is not necessary to hype. And people's purchasing power has returned to rationality, so garlic prices this year will basically not appear "garlic you ruthless" phenomenon.

Because it is the end of the cold storage garlic sales period, and the new season garlic will be on the market in May, for future market changes, still need to be further analyzed and predicted according to market changes, at present, garlic prices should tend to rise steadily in the future.

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