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The Demonstration Center of Food Safety Detection Technology Publicizes Mass Spectrometer and Chromatograph

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On November 12, the Consumer Goods Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology publicized the list of "Food Enterprise Quality and Safety Testing Technology Demonstration Center" (the fifth batch). At present, Zanyu Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang Light Industry Research Institute), Fujian Saifu Food Inspection Research Institute Co., Ltd., Hunan Food Testing and Analysis Center, Xi'an Guolian Quality Inspection Technology Co., Ltd. are on the list. Establishing "food enterprise quality and safety testing technology demonstration center" means providing small and medium-sized food production enterprises with testing demonstration, personnel training, technical consultation, commissioned testing and emergency testing services, etc. It requires relevant enterprises to have strong food quality and safety testing capabilities.

Zanyu Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Zanyu Technology Group Co., Ltd., formerly known as Zhejiang Institute of Light Industry, is an enterprise capable of providing third-party inspection and certification services such as food safety, environment, occupational health and so on. 

In addition to complete equipment, Zanyu Technologies has been continuously in-depth food testing to explore higher quality and faster food testing services. Based on sulfur trioxide gas-phase membrane sulfonation technology, the relevant personnel of enterprises have developed a new sulfonation process of soybean phospholipid gas-phase membrane sulfonation to produce surfactant, which is the leading technology in China. A new sulfonation process of liquid sulfur trioxide instead of gas-phase sulfur trioxide has also been put forward and implemented, which greatly simplifies the process, saves investment, fully embodies energy saving, environmental protection, clean production and circulation. Economic design concept.

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